About Us

CakeGuys.ca is the exclusive Cakes Branch of the "One & Only" well reputed unique company, of Ontario Goldenchefs Ltd.
Cakeguys.ca & ICEGUYS.CA are proud brands of GoldenChefs.All our Cakes are designed keeping our customers in mind, and we will create any Cake to suit your event, which we will guarantee to be a "Masterpiece".
All our Employees are experts of the Baking & Cake trade, and won numerous awards from most of the competitions, in Ontario, Canada and overseas.
We will design any Cake from 40 persons to you name it. Whatever your Celebration is, Birthday, Barmizvah, BatMitzvah, Shower, Promotion, Retirement, Brand Launching, and if you are looking for a custom Cake for 40 persons and above, please look no further, than CakeGuys.ca.
We will take the challenge of doing any flavour and any design you like, and will promise to "WOW you".Of course we do special requests, such as Gluten Free Cakes & Eggless Cakes. You name it, we will do it.
All our clients ( for Cakes priced at above $ 500.00 ), will receive a detailed artwork, which includes, the design, tiers, sizes, colours, flavours, topper, Flowers, D├ęcor etc & etc, of their Cake prior to actual production.
Only upon customer's approval, we will start on the actual Cake Production.Our clients are also welcome for Cake Tastings, during work hours.

Please visit our testimonials page and hear what our clients are saying.

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Don't believe us, but please listen to our customer's voices and raves. We are very certain, that you will join their Club as well.That is a promise from CakeGuys.ca

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